Hello stranger!

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Hi – updates to the website have been very few and far between in the last few years – mainly because we’ve been very busy, having continued to grow over the 6 years since we started the business in 2014. However the current situation has given us a little time to reflect and finally get round to updating the website (thanks also to Jamie!).
RP was set up to work flexibly and therefore we have been mixing the office with home working since we started. For this reason we’re running the business as normal in these current uncertain times. If you do need any planning advice (appraisals, applicaitons, appeals for all types of development – residential, commerical office & retail, education, rural/ agricultural and householder), please drop us a line.
Finally, we will also get round to adding to the website a few more recent examples of the work we’ve been doing.
Take care.
Best regards Stuart, Will & Kathryn

Updates are coming!

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Hello again. We’ve been really busy, hence the lack of updates!

We’re pleased to welcome Chris Lane to the team, who’s settling in well (having the Christmas bash so soon after joining helps!)

We’ll be updating the website soon with more up to date examples of the work we’ve been doing in helping clients secure planning permission. Watch this space!

In the meantime, if you need any planning advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Planning Announcements

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There’s been a raft of measures that have been announced by the Government and come into force over the last week, much of which has been overshadowed by the election. However these continue to help deliver the objective to speed up the planning system. Many are wrapped up in the snappily titled Development Management Procedure Order and include changes to the Use Classes Order; planning conditions; permitted development rights for offices and shops and other retail uses. Do these simplify the planning system and make it easier to secure planning permission? Drop me a line and I’ll give you my two penneth.

My First Year

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Thanks for reviewing the new website! We’re fast heading towards the end of the first full year of trading and are continuing to secure planning permissions for clients across the country. if you need any planning services, please just call or email!

Thanks, Stuart